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Chiropractic services Auto accident sport injuries treatment Jacksonville Florida
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Our Services

Our Jacksonville based clinic offers a full range of chiropractic services. Treatment is provided for a wide variety of conditions including injuries related to the home or workplace, accidents and sports. Chiropractic treatment effectively addresses backaches, headaches, stiff neck or back, shoulder and arm pain, numbness and tingling, chronic pain and tension. Our chiropractic treatment services are safe and effective and address the originating cause of the pain or discomfort. In chiropractic care, the hands are used to gently manipulate the spine to restore proper bodily function without the use of prescription medication.


Chiropractic treatment services at Ortega Chiropractic Clinic are safe and effective and address the originating cause of the pain or discomfort. Along with spinal manipulation, we utilize different forms of physical therapy, massage therapy, exercise and Nautilus Rehab equipment to strengthen muscles and restore normal range of motion.


Even a minor automobile accident can have major effects on your health. When one car collides with another, thousands of pounds of pressure are exerted on the neck and spine. Whiplash can occur at surprisingly slow speeds and is the result of the head and neck being thrown or "snapped" back and forth very quickly. Receiving chiropractic care after an accident can make the difference between complete recovery and lingering pain and disability which can last years after the accident.


Chiropractic care has become the leading form of medical care for work-related injuries involving the muscular/skeletal system. Workers' compensation studies show that patients with these types of work-related injuries return to work faster and at a more reasonable cost using chiropractic treatment versus general medical care.


Chiropractic care is a drug-free type of treatment which is often successful with athletic injuries. Combined with therapy and rehabilitation, sports-related injuries usually respond well to chiropractic treatment. All professional sports teams and most major college teams understand the benefits of chiropractic treatment and use chiropractic regularly.


Chiropractic has been proven effective at helping people cope with pain associated with arthritis. Our goal at Ortega Chiropractic Clinic is to help restore proper movement and function in an arthritic joint, through the use of gentle chiropractic adjustments. Ortega Chiropractic Clinic is located in Jacksonville Florida. Our patients come from NAS JAX, Argyle, Orange Park, Ortega, Riverside, Oak Leaf Plantation, and the Westside. Our clinic is the only facility in Jacksonville that incorporates chiropractic, medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, Neuropsychology and hypnosis. Our clinic director is Dr. Steven Read. He has been a chiropractor in Jacksonville for over 20 years.


Our mission as a Chiropractor is not only to solve the root of your current problem, but to help you change your lifestyle to prevent future problems. This approach will increase overall quality of your health and your life. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Read, or if you require further assistance please use the information provided on the contact page