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Treatment of Neck Pain at Ortega Chiropractic clinic
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Neck Pain

Imagine carrying around a 12-15 pound weight and having to balance it on top of a six inch tower of movable building blocks. This is what your neck does every day. It is now wonder that so many people experience neck pain. Fortunately studies show that chiropractic is the most effective form of treatment for neck pain.

What are Some Typical Causes of Neck Pain?

The most common type of neck pain we see in our Jacksonville Chiropractic clinic is caused by automobile accidents. A "whiplash" injury to the neck is caused when the head is suddenly moved forwards and backwards. Car accidents are obviously the most common cause of whiplash injuries, but the can also be caused by falls, sports injuries and even sneezing. It is vital that a victim of a whiplash injury receive prompt appropriate treatment. Failure to receive the correct treatment can lead to permanent issues.

Another common cause of neck is degenerative changes. Osteoarthritis is a common degenerative disorder where the bones and joints in the neck deteriorate and causes bone spurs to form. Degenerative disc disease is where the disc basically wears out due to previous trauma or years of untreated misalignments. Degenerative disc disease can also lead to disc bulging or even herniation.

Activities of daily life can also cause neck pain. Obesity, poor posture, stress and even bad pillows can lead to structural issues that cause neck pain.

Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment of Neck Pain

When someone comes to our Jacksonville Chiropractic clinic with neck pain, the first thing we do is some medical detective work. We ask several questions to get to the cause of the neck pain. We need to know exactly where their neck hurts, how long has it hurt, does it radiate into the shoulders, arms or hands, what makes it worse or better and how severe is it.

After all these questions, we conduct a thorough chiropractic, orthopedic and neurologic exam. We document how your neck moves, the strength of your neck and what is the true cause of your pain.

Frequently we take x-rays to check for any underlying diseases or serious trauma. But it is also important for us to check the biomechanics or physical structure of our patient's neck. This allows to evaluate the balance of the cervical spine.

After we gather all this information, we formulate a treatment plan. As chiropractors, we use the most effective form of spinal treatment called an "adjustment".A chiropractic adjustment is the gentle force a chiropractor uses to place the spine back into a proper alignment. Most patients feel some immediate relief for their neck pain following a chiropractic adjustment.

We also use several types of physical therapy and massage therapy and educate our patients in exercises they can use to help strengthen their necks and prevent future problems.

We also have an outstanding network of specialists that we use to refer our patients to that are experiencing severe neck pain. This ranges from physiatrists and neurologists to imaging centers.