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Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury in the neck that is caused as a result of sudden forward or backward motion of the neck typically during auto accidents, falls or sports related activities. The sudden head movement due to an accident, can cause damage to the joints and ligaments, or can badly affect spinal tissues creating spinal joint problems. In severe cases, even the intervertbral disc can be damaged. The nervous system response can get affected by the injury in deeper spinal tissue and may result in fixation of spinal joints. Some of the common symptoms which Whiplash patient may face are -

•    Neck pain
•    Headache
•    Stiffness in neck muscle and decrease in the range-of-motion of neck.
•    Shoulder pain
•    Dizziness
•    Difficulty in eating and swallowing
•    Blurred Vision
•    Low back pain or pain in upper back
•    Pain in jaw, teeth or entire face
•    Numbness in arms and hands

One of the dangerous things with Whiplash is that the symptoms go undiagnosed for years. The most common methods used to diagnose a Whiplash injury are X-ray to find out any fracture or dislocation and CT scan or MRI to check the detailed images of the neck. Although, various forms of treatments are available for Whiplash, still chiropractic treatment is the only proven effective care for Whiplash. A person experiencing the above mentioned symptoms should go for a chiropractic checkup.Chiropractic can treat almost all the aspects of mechanism of neck sprain and hence is a good choice for treatment of Whiplash. During Whiplash treatment the chiropractor optimizes motion in spine, reduces muscle spasm, and improves muscular strength.

Every Whiplash patient has his own symptoms and it is therefore difficult to summarize the chiropractic treatment for Whiplash in one category. However, depending upon the symptoms, there are few common procedures used by chiropractors to treat Whiplash. The chiropractor will first examine your injury and decide the procedures depending upon the problem discovered. You might require multiple visits to chiropractor depending upon the severity of your Whiplash injury.

Spinal manipulation is often used by chiropractor to deal with the joint issues.  Some chiropractors also use different forms of physical therapy or massage therapy. Once your spine is properly aligned and your muscle injuries are healed, the chiropractor may provide you with some exercises to increase the strength of your disc and reduce the chances of it becoming misaligned again Once your Whiplash injury is treated, the chiropractor will provide you guidance to carry out your daily activities and hobbies without causing any stress and damage to the injury area again. The chiropractor might also suggest you to visit any other health professional if required. Research study after study has proven that Chiropractic treatment for Whiplash is one of the most effective forms of treatment. Should you make the wise decision and turn to chiropractic treatment for a Whiplash injury, always ask your prospective chiropractor about their experience and expertise with Whiplash injuries. These types of injuries require very specific treatment and should only be treated by those that are experienced in treating them.

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